little red riding hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl and for her birthday her mother made her a red cloak, so everyone called her little red riding hood.One day she set off to visit her grand mother who lived deep in the forest.As she walked along, carrying her basket of yummy things she was bringing to her grandma,she saw a patch of lovely flowers.She left the path to go and pick some for her grandma.While she was picking the flowers, along came an evil wolf who wanted to eat her.the evil wolf opened his mouth, swallowed her whole and she was never seen again.the end.

hello lets talk obout where babies come from

dear readers,
it has come to my attention that you all need a little education on this matter. especially one alasdair mcqueenie. now, are you sitting comfortably?
when mummy and daddy, or mummy and mummy, or daddy and daddy, love each other very much (or are bored)(or when you forget to pull out) they have some “fun”. this fun results in mummy or daddy going through hell for nine months. then u come out and ruin their life for the next 18 years until they kick ya oot 2 uni
love from ur local experts




a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.

a gif is a image that moves and is not seen a a video but a moving image, it moves with no sound. They last around 3 -5 seconds it repeats its self over and over

luke hemmings 

You wouldn’t understand mom.

The term stands for “Joint Photographic Experts Group,” because that is the name of the committee that created the format. But you don’t have to remember that because even computer nerds will think you’re weird if you mention what JPEG stands for. Instead, remember that a JPEG is a compressed image file format. JPEG images are not limited to a certain amount of colour, like GIF images are. Therefore, the JPEG format is best for compressing photographic images. So if you see a large, colourful image on the Web, it is most likely a JPEG file.

While JPEG images can contain colourful, high-resolution image data, it is a lossy format, which means some quality is lost when the image is compressed. If the image is compressed too much, the graphics become noticeably “blocky” and some of the detail is lost. Like GIFs, JPEGs are crossplatform, meaning the same file will look the same on both a Mac and PC. Everyone though, obviously understands that Apple is the best company, the only company and if you choose any other kind of company, you will be found, and you will be taken away to a land far, far away.

Example of a JPEG, Paul Reville-Auchie at the Model Team, Glasgow.