Maker Faires

Atomic arcade faceLast November we took Atomic Arcade to the Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire, where a steady stream of people of all ages had a go at building atoms while Fergus fixed a few bugs on the fly, and Sonya got interviewed by Make Magazine.

On the 19th of April this year, Atomic Arcade will be appearing at the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire at Summerhall, where we put together the control box and arcade stylings at the Edinburgh Hacklab.

In the meantime, the online version of Atomic Arcade has been used in a couple of schools to teach about the basic structure of atoms, and radioactive decay. We’ll be looking to develop more educational resources to go with it over the coming months. For now, here are five questions anyone should be able to answer with the help of Atomic Arcade:

  1. What are the names of the particles that make up an atomic nucleus?
  2. What one thing makes each element different from the last?
  3. Why do you never get two protons sticking together?
  4. Which element has the lowest melting and boiling points?
  5. Which element makes all life possible?

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